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At any point in Scan123 you see this: Click on it and a little 'help' flyout will assist you. Try it!
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There are three ways to search in Scan123: Quick Search, Meta Data Search, and Advanced Search. Quick Search and Meta Data Search allow you to search information associated with folders. Advanced Search is for searching for individual files.

Quick Search

Quick Search is located at the top of the page inside of any cabinet and searches only the names of folders in that cabinet, matching folders with your search term at the beginning of the folder name.

For example, if you used Quick Search to search for "0101", it would return only folders beginning with those four characters, such as "01012345" and "01019876". It will not match folders named "23450101" or "23010145" because your search term "0101" does not appear at the beginning of the folder name.

For your convenience, Quick Search will begin displaying matched folder names after you have entered three characters and update the list as you type.

Meta Data Search

Also located at the top of the page inside of any cabinet is the Meta Data Search. This is the green button titled "Search". When you click it, a pop-up will appear with one or more search fields for the cabinet you are in.

If you are in a cabinet that is interfacing with meta data from any outside data management system, the window that appears will contain search fields for those meta data columns that are being imported.

If you are not in a cabinet using meta data, you will instead get a single search field that you can use to search the folder names, file names, and file keywords of that cabinet. This is simply a shortcut to the Advanced Search form. When you click "Search", you will be taken to the Advanced Search results page.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search gives you the most search options and is most often used for locating individual files.

You must select a cabinet to search AND at least one other search option to narrow your search. If you use a search term, it must be at least three characters in length.

Search results will appear below the search fields in two sections. The first section will list any folders that matched your search. The second section will list individual files matching your search. These files will be listed with their parent folder for context. If you used a search term, the matched text in the folder name, file name, or file keywords will be highlighted in orange. Click on a folder name to view the contents of that folder, or click on a file name to download the file.

If you did not find what you were looking for, you can refine or broaden your search by using the search options at the top of the page and then clicking the "Search" button again.


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