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Search for documents in Scan123

There are multiple ways to find your files in Scan123. All of the search options are dependent on your Cabinet Permissions. If you have access to the cabinet the document is held in, you will be able to find it. If you do not have access, the document will not return in any searches. To update Cabinet Permissions, refer to the Admin Menu on the left and select Cabinet Permissions. You must be an admin to update Permissions.

Navigation Menu Search

Click Search on the left Navigation menu when logged into Scan123. There are two types of searches available from here: Global Search and Advanced Search. The search options differ in the information you provide to find your file.

Global Search

Global Search searches all cabinets. This is especially helpful if you aren’t sure how your documents are filed in Scan123. If Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is activated for your company, you may search for text on the first page of your document as well. This search returns all folders, files, and keywords that match your query.

Enter a search term and click Search.

Any of the below search terms will return results:

  • Folder name - example: Check number “126846”
  • File name - example: Benefits Renewal 01-01-18
  • Keywords - example: Vendor Name, Check Date, Check Amount

Global Search, before entering a search
Global Search, with search results

Advanced Search

If you know what cabinet your document was scanned into, use Advanced Search. Using the folder name, file name or keywords associated, Advanced Search will allow you to filter by a variety of fields: date range, scanner station, user name, file name, file type or file size. This search will provide you more succinct results. If you have OCR activated for your company, this search will not return OCR text from documents.

Select a cabinet to search in. Enter a search term and cabinet name, as well as any of the optional fields to narrow down search results. Click Search.

Advanced Search, before entering a search
Advanced Search, with results

Folder Name Search (within a Cabinet)

If you already know which cabinet you document is scanned in and have navigated to the cabinets page with the website, use the Folder Name Search. From here, enter the beginning part or full name of the folder you are looking for into the search box. The search will return matching folder names. After 3 characters, the Look Forward feature may be used to search for matching folders more quickly.

Enter a folder name. Click Go.

DMS Search (within a Cabinet)

If Support has enabled DMS Interfacing for you, keywords will import from your DMS Import routines, and you will be able to search by the terms listed at the top of the folder list. With this option, you can search using several fields imported from your DMS to find your document.

If DMS Interfacing is not enabled for your company, this search will return results as if you were using the Advanced Search described above.

Click the green Search button. In the popup window, enter search terms into one or more fields. Click the blue Search button or press enter on your keyboard.

Use one or more of the fields to locate your file:

  • Folder name
  • Last name
  • First name
  • RO Date
  • Work Phone
  • Home Phone
  • Stock No
  • License No
  • VIn


For more detailed help, please login.

There is a great deal more help and information about the administration of your companies' Scan123 account. To access more detailed help, please login.