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Utilize Scan123 Reminders to follow up on tasks. Examples of why you would set a reminder include: vendor liability insurance certificate expirations, sales employee license renewals, repairs for your customer We Owe and Goodwill agreements.

  1. Click on the appropriate cabinet and find the folder you would like to set a Reminder on.
  2. Click the Calendar icon in the last column of the folder’s details.
  3. Enter the details of your Reminder, set the date and time when you would like to receive the Reminder and click Save Reminder. You will receive an email at that date and time from Scan123 with your reminder details. You do not need to be logged in to Scan123 for your reminder to generate.
  4. The Calendar icon will turn blue when a reminder is set for a folder. You may set multiple reminders for the same folder. A count will appear next to the blue icon.

Please note: Reminders are only available to the person who made them. The cannot be shared across users.


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