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At any point in Scan123 you see this: Here's an example of some help text. Mouse over it and help text will appear. Try it!
At any point in the Help Docs you see this: there's a video tutorial.




Using the email address associated with your Scan123 account, click the Login button at the top right of the Help page. Enter your email address and password.

Switch Companies

You may use one email address login to manage multiple Scan123 company accounts. Click your company name in the top right of your screen to toggle between your companies. If one of your companies is not present, you have not been granted access to view their documents. Contact a current admin at your company to request an invite to that company.


To Logout, click on your name in the top right of your screen. Click Logout. By default, you will be automatically logged out after one hour of inactivity. You may change the Inactivity Settings for your account.


For more detailed help, please login.

There is a great deal more help and information about the administration of your companies' Scan123 account. To access more detailed help, please login.